Back on the SUMMER TOUR 2018

What a story !!

Honestly..That was the biggest challenge of our young career, for all of us,  AND the best thing we could have done. We’ve learned so many things about music, about different cultures and of course about us.

Grow up ! Faster !

Trying to plan a month and a half  European Tour changed our vision of a musician’s work. It’s not just playing music anymore, you also need a strong mind and body to endure the touring life, and to be able to the unexpected. We have been driving an average of 5 or 6 hours everydays, and have been sleeping around 4 or 6 hours every night. On tour, we had to change our usual daily routines and try to find some rest in the car or somewhere else.

Give me more time please !

We had to think about many things, but the most important was the schedule. On tour, time is not extensible : be aware of it!

The typical day was :

you wake up at 6 am, you drive 6 hours and you arrive at noon. You eat for 1 hour, you have 1 hour to check in at the hotel and do some business. After that, you can rest for 3 or 4 hours. Eat again then wait for the concert at 11 am or midnight. During this waiting time, you have to get ready and in good shape to go on stage. We finish the concert an hour and a half after and clean up the stage. After an hour and a half of gig, you still have to take care of the instruments and all the gear. Put them back in the van etc..

Summer yes, holidays no !

We worked hard this summer, and the most difficult thing is to convince the people who are watching you that it’s a real job. Of course,  we much prefer doing this than any other job because it’s our dream and our passion,  but we need to work on our craft at all time. If you want to be a professionnal musician you need to work your instrument every day, record, create constantly, drive a lot ( more than 20.000 kilometers this summer), smile, be kind with critics, dance on stage, forget your exhaustion and of course…LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING !!

We can all say that  we have grown during this summer tour, matured even, and we went a step further into the real  life of a professional musician.


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