New E.P

A second E.P for the Lehmanns Brothers !!

After the success of our crowdfunding (117% of the total required, thanks to you) the second E.P will arrive in March 2018.

The creation began in december 2017. We first had to decide between a first album or a second E.P. The second E.P was a better choice. Recording Six titles will give us the time to work hard on each one and create a real atmosphere, a real story. After that we need to think and change some musics of our set to make E.P version of them, create new musics, and pre-record all instruments in our home studio. After that, we will send it to the Label to have some suggestions and ideas about our work, and we will work on it again. This process can take a long time. When we all agree with the final version, we can record in a professional studio in Paris.

We work hard on it to give you the best of our music. Go on to follow us, and don’t worry…


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